Quality Waterjet Newsletter 01/10/2006

Book Review: “Abrasive Waterjet Machining of Engineering Materials” by Jun Wang*


Most of this 7-chapter, 106-page book highlights the research work done by the author and his research group. Review was also given to selected publications on related topics.


For someone new to the research world of abrasive waterjet machining, the first two chapters provides a good foundation on the operating principle of this technology, without getting lost in the details of each individual research paper. Chapter 3 reviews some CFD work on pure waterjets and abrasive waterjets done by the author and his group. You might have to read the original papers on this topic if you are interested and want to know what it really means to you.


Chapter 4 focuses on abrasive waterjet cutting of three special types of engineering materials: metallic coated sheet steels, industrial ceramics, and polymer matrix composites. The study was tailored to each material. Some simple empirical models for kerf characteristics (kerf width, taper, and surface roughness) were included. Chapter 5 reviews an experimental study on contouring with abrasive waterjets. An abrasive waterjet cutting experiment with 6 levels of arc radii, 3 levels of water pressure, and 3 levels of traverse speed was done on ½ inch thick alumina ceramic slabs. The results have some values for general understanding of the process, but cannot be readily extended to other materials and the scope of the investigation was limited.


Chapter 6 was devoted to the phenomenon of striation marks on an abrasive waterjet cut surface. Several theories of striation formation were reviewed and discussed. However, for such a complicated subject, the review is far from complete. Perhaps the real value of this chapter is to provide a foundation of understanding for the topic in the following chapter. Chapter 7 talks about three enhancement techniques for abrasive waterjet cutting: forward tilting, controlled oscillation, and multiple passes. It appears that each of these three techniques has some advantages, especially for straight-line cutting. The concept of forward tilting is the simplest one and its benefits are also easily understood. However, the feasibility and benefits of controlled oscillation and multiple passes techniques for practical contour cutting are not very clear.


It appears that the works of the author and his group were never presented on the two major forums of this community: the two series of waterjet conferences organized, respectively, by BHR group and by WJTA. This book showcases their works to this community. It is a valuable addition of research literature needed by students and researchers who are working in this field.


* Wang, Jun, “Abrasive Waterjet Machining of Engineering Materials”, Materials Science Foundations 19, Trans Tech Publications, 2003.

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