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Swivel Parts Compatible with Flow Style Waterjets (Non-Stock)    

( Lead time: 1 - 4 weeks. Prices are F.O.B. Seattle and subject to change without notice. Sales in WA state are subject to sales tax.  )       

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Price, USD

90 DEG Swivel Housing 004319-1 Q101388 $480.00
90 DEG Swivel Housing 004329-1  Q101390 $475.00
Backup Ring B-1789-1 Q101283 $16.60
Backup Ring B-5694-1 Q101284 $19.50
Backup Ring B-5492-1 Q101333 $19.50
Collar Thrust/Seal, Swivel 004321-1 Q101351 $48.00
Seal Ring, Swivel B-1790-1 Q101282 $16.60
Seal, Swivel B-1791-2 Q101280 $10.80
Seal, Swivel B-5493-2 Q101334 $13.60
Swivel Housing 004320-1  Q101389 $428.00
Swivel Repair Kit B-7447-1 Q101357 $105.00
Swivel Shaft B-7158-1 Q100145 $119.00